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How We Got Our Christian Worship

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Gen. 1-4 “Worship in the Garden and after the Fall” (16,952Kb) 03/08/17
Gen. 6-9 “Worship Is Thankfulness” (26,776Kb) 04/05/17
Gen. 15 “Worship Is Covenantal” (23,794Kb) 04/12/17
Gen. 17 “Worship Is Multi-Generational” (24,651Kb) 05/03/17
Gen. 22 “God Provides for Our Worship” (17,319Kb) 05/10/17
Ex. 3 “ ‘I AM’ Is the One We Worship” (22,564Kb) 05/24/17
Ex. 12 “The Passover Lamb” (16,749Kb) 06/07/17
Ex 40 “Worship and the Tabernacle” (20,923Kb) 07/05/17
Lev. 10 “The Regulative Principle of Worship” (15,447Kb) 07/19/17
1 Kings 18 “The Worship of the Temple” (22,688Kb) 08/02/17
Psalm 96 “A New Song to the Lamb” (17,992Kb) 08/09/17
Luke 4 “The Synagogue and Christian Worship” (20,631Kb) 08/16/17
John 4 “Regulated Freedom” (16,076Kb) 08/23/17
2 Tim. 4 “The Scriptures and Worship” (29,380Kb) 09/06/17
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