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Study in the book “Living with the Living God”

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Chapter 1 Historical Survey of the Doctrine (22,062Kb) 08/25/21
Chapter 2, part 1 Biblical Survey of the Doctrine (19,877Kb) 09/01/21
Chapter 2, part 2 Biblical Survey of the Doctrine (20,235Kb) 09/08/21
Chapter 2, part 3 Biblical Survey of the Doctrine (17,358Kb) 09/22/21
Chapter 3 The Doctrine of the Trinity (14,464Kb) 09/29/21
Chapter 4 The Personality, Procession, and Deity of the Holy Spirit (17,900Kb) 10/06/21
Chapter 5 Jesus and the Holy Spirit (17,188Kb) 10/13/21
Chapter 6 The Inspiration of the Prophets and Apostles (27,773Kb) 10/20/21
Chapter 7 Regeneration (18,288Kb) 10/27/21
Chapter 8 The Spirit of Holiness (22,653Kb) 11/03/21
Chapter 9 The Spirit and the Church (19,627Kb) 11/10/21
Chapter 10 The Basis of Our Fellowship with the Holy Spirit (17,264Kb) 01/12/22
Chapters 11-12 How the Holy Spirit Works in Us /
The Work of the Holy Spirit
(18,855Kb) 01/26/22
Chapters 13-14 The Effects of the Holy Spirit in the Heart of a Believer /
Getting the Right Balance
(16,411Kb) 02/02/22
Chapter 15 The Value of the Encouragement of the Holy Spirit (13,462Kb) 02/09/22
Chapter 16 Life in the Holy Spirit (20,013Kb) 03/02/22
Chapter 17 Directions for Fellowship with the Holy Spirit (13,754Kb) 03/09/22
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