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     The following articles are based upon the teachings of various chapters of the Westminster Confession of Faith.

WCF Chapter 1—Of the Holy Scriptures

WCF 1.1—The Holy Scriptures
WCF 1.2—Guidance From The Bible

WCF Chapter 2—Of God, and of the Holy Trinity

WCF 2.1—The God of the Bible
WCF 2.3—The Holy Trinity

WCF Chapter 3—Of God’s Eternal Decree

WCF 3.1—Who’s In Charge Here?
WCF 3.5—Chosen in Jesus Christ
WCF 3.6—God’s Perfect Plan

WCF Chapter 4—Of Creation

WCF 4.1—Creation Not Evolution, Part 1
WCF 4.1—Creation Not Evolution, Part 2
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